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Thank You for visiting our contact page. The quickest, most efficient response we can offer is through email. Please feel free to email our staff at any time. If you would like to talk to a live person, please call 801-956-0296. Once you hear our auto-attendant, just dial the extension of your party. Dispatch assignment table is located below the form.
Department Representative Extension Responsibilities
Accounting Dany Adams 357 Collections
Accounting Karen Shiftlet 378 Billing
Accounting Karen Woodruff 344 Claims and Inventory
Accounting Meretta England 343 Accounts Payable
Dispatch Aaron Parker 346 Florida Dispatch
Dispatch Candie Wright 345 Dispatch
Dispatch Dan Gleason 347 Northern California Pick-ups
Dispatch Fawnete Mickelsen 354 East Coast Dispatch
Dispatch Jeanette Hutchinsen 342 Los Angeles and Kentucky Dispatch
Dispatch Jessica Candia 359 Midwest Dispatch
Dispatch Joanna Zale 355 Northwest Dispatch
Dispatch Kelly Gleason 353 Utah Outbound to West Coast
Dispatch Tawnya Carter 348 Northeast Sales/Logistics
Management Richard Hodges 801-910-1596 Warehouse Management
Safety Nickie Michon 349 Safety Director

Contact Info
4524 West 1980 South, Salt Lake City, UT 84104 801-956-0296
State Pick-up Dispatcher Name Delivery Dispatcher Name
Alaska Kelly Gleason Kelly Gleason
Alabama Aaron Parker Aaron Parker
Arkansas Aaron Parker Aaron Parker
Arizona Candie Wright Candie Wright
California Dan Gleason Kelly Gleason
Colorado Candie Wright Candie Wright
Connecticut Tawnya Carter Tawnya Carter
Delaware Fawnete Mickelsen Tawnya Carter
Florida Aaron Parker Aaron Parker
Georgia Aaron Parker Aaron Parker
Iowa Jessica Candia Tawnya Carter
Idaho Kelly Gleason Kelly Gleason
Illinois Jessica Candia Tawnya Carter
Indiana Jeanette Smith Tawnya Carter
Kansas Jeanette Smith Tawnya Carter
Kentucky Jeanette Smith Tawnya Carter
Louisiana Aaron Parker Aaron Parker
Massachusetts Tawnya Carter Tawnya Carter
Maryland Fawnete Mickelsen Tawnya Carter
Maine Tawnya Carter Tawnya Carter
Michigan Jessica Candia Tawnya Carter
Minnesota Jessica Candia Tawnya Carter
Missouri Jeanette Smith Tawnya Carter
Mississippi Aaron Parker Aaron Parker
Montana Kelly Gleason Kelly Gleason
North Carolina Fawnete Mickelsen Tawnya Carter
North Dakota Fawnete Mickelsen Fawnete Mickelsen
Nebraska Jessica Candia Tawnya Carter
New Hampshire Tawnya Carter Tawnya Carter
New Jersey Fawnete Mickelsen Tawnya Carter
New Mexico Candie Wright Candie Wright
Nevada Kelly Gleason Kelly Gleason
New York Tawnya Carter Tawnya Carter
Ohio Jessica Candia Tawnya Carter
Oklahoma Jeanette Smith Aaron Parker
Oregon Kelly Gleason Kelly Gleason
Pennsylvania Fawnete Mickelsen Tawnya Carter
Rhode Island Tawnya Carter Tawnya Carter
South Carolina Aaron Parker Aaron Parker
South Dakota Not selected Not selected
Tennessee Aaron Parker Tawnya Carter
Texas Aaron Parker Aaron Parker
Utah Richard Hodges Richard Hodges
Virginia Fawnete Mickelsen Tawnya Carter
Vermont Tawnya Carter Tawnya Carter
Washington Joanna Zale Kelly Gleason
Wisconsin Fawnete Mickelsen Tawnya Carter
West Virgina Fawnete Mickelsen Tawnya Carter
Wyoming Jessica Candia Tawnya Carter
Canada Not selected Not selected
Hawaii Dan Gleason Kelly Gleason
DC Fawnete Mickelsen Tawnya Carter
British West Indies Wayne Parker Tawnya Carter
Hungary Wayne Parker Not selected
Guam Wayne Parker Not selected
British Columbia Wayne Parker Not selected