Warehousing Services in Utah

Wine & Spirits, Food & General Freight

Warehousing plays a critical role in streamlining logistics operations and optimizing supply chains in the wine & spirits and gourmet foods industries. Efficient operations allow businesses to meet consumer expectations for convenience, variety, and availability while minimizing operating costs and gaining a competitive edge in the marketplace. Our comprehensive warehousing services focus on efficiency, reliability, and temperature-controlled environments and are tailored to meet your business’s unique needs.

Temperature-Controlled Storage

We offer a 40,000 sq. ft. warehouse equipped with advanced temperature control technology to ensure the integrity and freshness of temperature-sensitive goods. Our temperature-controlled warehouses are kept within 50-70F, ideal for glass bottle beverages, chocolates, soft cheeses, and other specialty food and beverage items.


Food-Certified Facilities

Our warehousing facilities are Food-Certified, meeting the highest safety and sanitation standards for food storage. We guarantee your products are stored in compliance with regulatory requirements and industry best practices.


Short and Long-Term Storage Options

We offer flexible storage solutions to accommodate both short-term and long-term storage needs. Whether you require temporary storage for seasonal fluctuations or ongoing warehousing for inventory management, our facilities can adapt to your changing requirements.

About Our Warehouse


Strategic Location in Salt Lake City, Utah

Situated in Salt Lake City, Utah, our warehousing facilities offer businesses a central geographic location for efficient distribution across the country. 


Expertise and Experience

Advantage Transportation has decades of experience providing warehousing and fulfillment services for food products, wine & spirits, and general freight. Our team’s expertise ensures that your products are handled with care, precision, and efficiency throughout the storage and distribution process.

Our Warehousing Specialties



Glass Bottles

Specialty Foods

Why Warehouse With Us


Quality Preservation

Proper warehousing ensures that food and wine products are stored in optimal conditions, preserving their quality, flavor, and safety. Temperature-controlled environments prevent spoilage and degradation, essential for perishable goods and temperature-sensitive items like wine.

Regulatory Compliance

The food and wine industries are highly regulated, with strict standards for storage and handling to ensure consumer safety. Our Food-Certified facilities help your business comply with legal requirements and avoid penalties.

Inventory Management

Efficient warehousing allows for better inventory control, helping you track stock levels, manage supply and demand fluctuations, and reduce waste.

Cost Efficiency

Our flexible storage options help you optimize inventory management, reduce warehousing costs, and minimize unnecessary expenses associated with storage and distribution.

Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

Boost customer satisfaction through faster order fulfillment, reliable product availability, and improved overall service quality. Satisfied customers are more likely to repeat business, refer others, and contribute to long-term business growth and success.

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Discover The Warehousing Advantage

With Advantage, you can optimize your supply chains, ensure product integrity, and enhance distribution efficiency. Our food and wine warehousing services in Salt Lake City, Utah, meet every business’ needs with reliability and professionalism.